You probably saw these cool photos that show fire rings, sparks and fiery whirlwinds? Have you ever wondered how this type of photograph is obtained? Perhaps what you saw was…

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Each professional photographer has a unique corporate identity, and most of them are likely to tell you that their creative roots were brought up, one way or another, by photographing…

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9 interesting techniques for architectural photography
The correct implementation of the technical part of architectural photography should be the primary task of the photographer, although in addition to this, it is also worth experimenting. In this…

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The topic of discussion of the histogram is extensive and time-consuming. But, if you approach the issue creatively, by slightly “closing your eyes” to technical details, you can explain in a few words what a histogram is, why you need to be able to read and understand the histogram, because this is a very useful tool that many modern cameras offer their users, to help get quick information about the tonal range that is present in any image.

The histogram shows the distribution of image tones from black (left) to white (right). The higher the peaks in the graph, the more the shade to which they correspond. For example, histograms with a large number of dark pixels will be skewed to the left, those with more light tones will be tilted to the right.

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Of course, everyone who is interested in photography has seen stunning portrait photographs where the background is blurred, but blurring does not affect the sharpness of the image of the main subject. If everything is done correctly and all conditions are met, it is not so difficult to make such photos, but for beginners it may seem difficult to obtain pleasant portraits with a blurred background, especially if they are not familiar with the appropriate techniques.

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The lines in photographs are very powerful elements that, if you have a little practice, can add a dynamic effect to the image in terms of mood, as well as guide the viewer’s gaze and lead him in the right direction for an ideal reading of the composition. This article discusses four types of lines: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and converging. Each type of line has a different effect on the photo.

A good way to practice learning about lines is to go back to the old images that you shot and start looking at them for lines that worked well and those that, on the contrary, looked bad.

The next time you take a picture with the camera before you press the shutter button, consciously ask yourself which lines are in front of you and how you can use them to add something to the future picture while working with THEM, and not against them. Continue reading


Photographers are constantly racing for image quality: maximum clarity, detail and resolution. In this article, step-by-step photographer Spencer Cox explains how to quickly and easily increase the resolution of a photo in a photo editor, and also compares the five popular options available today to improve image quality.

How to increase image resolution

What is permission?

In photography, resolution reflects the level of detail in an image, which is determined by factors such as focusing accuracy, lens quality, and the number of pixels of the camera’s sensor. If the image is intended for printing, other factors come into play – image size, print quality, etc. However, at the same time, resolution may also relate to more specific aspects, such as the resolution of the lens, the number of pixels per inch in the print version, and the total number of pixels of the digital image. Continue reading


Sunrises and sunsets are what all people take off. Struck by the grandeur of nature at the time of sunset, we try to quickly get out any camera and capture the magic of what is happening. But to make this moment unforgettable is not so simple, because the scene being shot is quite contrasted, because there is sun in the frame, which means that in any case there will be a big difference between the bright areas of the image and the dark.

In order to find yourself in a situation where the soul demands to take a picture, not just press a button and rely on chance, but get an acceptable artistic result, it is worth familiarizing yourself with our material. This article will give you a couple of tips on what to look for in specific evening shooting conditions and get a stunning sunset with a “presence effect” for the audience.

The results will not be deplorable, and the images will go to the album with the best frames, and not to the basket, if you master several tricks. About them tells a professional California photographer Dan Eitreim (Dan Eitreim), who often writes for educational portals. Continue reading

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