Tips for processing black and white images in Photoshop After you get rid of the color in the photos, the tones in the images will still have to be controlled.…

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Tips for processing black and white images in Photoshop After you get rid of the color in the photos, the tones in the images will still have to be controlled.…

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In the winter season, many sporting events and training are held under the roof, indoors. Basketball. Volleyball. Gymnastics. Of course, indoor sports are fun for both participants and spectators. But let’s face it: shooting such sporting events is not an easy task for a photographer. Quite often, you can even end up in a gym with such low light that even 1600 ISO will not give good results.

Let’s look at some of the nuances that should be considered when photographing indoor sports.

The first thing a photographer should remember when shooting in the gym is to closely monitor actions and movement. The plot of such outdoor games as basketball or volleyball is constantly and rapidly developing, they are extremely dynamic. Your task is not just to capture the event itself, but rather capture the connection between the players. This requires special skill and even intuition.

Set high ISO. The most modern models of SLR cameras allow you to shoot about 1000-1250 units with ISO without noticeable graininess of images. Shoot at high shutter speeds – at least 1/200 if you can. You need to capture the action, a high shutter speed will freeze the movement of athletes, thereby giving you a clear photo. And, if it comes to this, it’s best to underexpose the image. You can adjust the settings during post-processing.

Shoot with the smallest aperture value, say, from f / 4.0 to f / 2.8. Since you don’t have much light available and you work at a faster shutter speed, the wide-open aperture is your best friend in this situation.

Look for expressions of lively emotions. Anger. Aggression. Rivalry. Teamwork. Excitement. Victory. Successful sports shooting is simply impossible without observation, without waiting and capturing moments of emotions and expressing relationships during the game. You will win at the end of the day if you have an emotional picture, but which will not be sharp throughout the image field.

Shoot in RAW. Shooting in RAW will allow you to correct colors during subsequent processing, this has been repeatedly written and said.

How to use sports mode

Most DSLRs, and even half of all compact cameras, have many ready-made modes to help beginners and intermediate (and sometimes even professional) photographers. What is sports mode?

Firstly, the sports mode is indicated by the well-known small running figure. Although the exact settings vary depending on the camera manufacturer, most of this description remains unchanged, regardless of which particular camera you are using.

Secondly, sports mode is a quick setup to adapt the camera to the conditions.

ISO rises to a higher value
Reduces f-stop for shallow depth of field
Increases shutter speed to help stop fast action
Frame advancement increases to the maximum setting (measured in frames per second or fps – frames per second)
ISO is usually set at 400 or higher, but depending on the lighting conditions and lens selection, it may be less. Most cameras will set this value as a variable, so the user does not have to constantly change it.

Decreasing f-stop will help isolate the action in the picture. Most of the time the action itself is one person, a car, a horse in the background, and best of all, if this background is blurry to isolate the movement.

With an increase in shutter speed, the chances of “stopping” the main action increase. This setting, like everyone else, depends on the amount of light available and the particular lens used. Most of the time, the shutter is set to 1/200 or more.

Frame advancement also increases to the highest value, usually 3-6 frames per second or more. Further activation of the shutter will lead to the creation of a series of shots that will help capture the “same” moment of action.

Finally, the auto focus mode is set to predict (it may be called differently on different cameras). This setting often uses a complex system to predict the direction, speed and proximity of the main subject in order to calculate the exact focus during shutter activation. Although not commonly used during average shooting, this type of focusing system can be very useful in high-speed action.

Than good sports mode

Sports shooting mode works best with a telephoto lens. This is because the reduced depth of field will have a sharper contrast between your main subject and the background, as described above.

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